Haile Wako Integrated Farms wins 5000 USD in youth competition

The company's business plan was described as an innovative business model that improves food security.

Ethiopia and France sign agreement to fund the development of sanitation services

Ethiopia and France have had diplomatic ties since 1897.

Ethio Lease has delivered 10 combine harvesters to Ethiopian farmers

Ethio Lease has previously delivered 60 tractors to Ethiopian farmers.

Safaricom has announced that it expects reduced bid for Entry into Ethiopian market

The reduced bid is a byproduct of the prohibition of foreign mobile banking services.

Kenyan Bank pauses entry into Ethiopian Market

Two foreign banks are projected as the first foreign entrants into Ethiopia's banking sector.

Ethiopia and France enter bilateral commitment to tackle social issues

Ethiopia and France also plan on working closely to tackle gender issues.

Ethiopia receives British Council fund for East African nations

Experts focus on heritage preservation as part of efforts to combat climate change