Boost with Facebook for Tourism Ethiopia launched

The program was launched as a pilot back in August 2020 and supported 5,000 businesses in…

Savannah Fund launches Savannah Fund II

The fund is intended to finance Series A investments in fintech, education, logistics, eCommerce, Saas, healthcare,…

Ethiopia reports more than half a billion dollars in revenue from industrial parks

Ethiopia currently has 13 operational industrial parks, with several more expected to be commissioned during the…

UAE-based Masdar to collaborate with Ethiopia on solar energy development

Masdar has been integral to the development of renewable energy in more than 30 countries to…

African Development Bank seeks to finance Ethiopia’s Digital Modernisation

The fund is part of African Development Bank's Africa Digital Financial Inclusion (AFDI), a program that…

Ethiopia might scrap telecom privatisation if the expected amount of capital is not invested

Many experts say that Ethiopia cannot afford to not liberalise the majority of its sectors.

New Ethiopian cement factory expected to produce more than Dangote and MIDROC combined

The Company is expected to have a production capacity of more than 7,000 per day.

Shropshire College; the British school helping schools in Ethiopia

Concord College had previously hosted a Pedal4Lalibela initiative that raised more than 3,500 GBP.

Ethiopia willing to give foreign mortgage banks access to the country’s housing market

Eighty percent of Addis Ababa falls within the ‘slum’ category, according to a report by Habitat…

Zoscales Partners acquires controlling stake in Pioneer Diagnostics Center

Zoscales Partners had included PDC in its maiden investment portfolio in May of 2020.