Green Tech Africa, a company based in East Africa and a pioneer in the electronic vehicle (EV) supply sector, announced that it is kicking off a an expert training program on new types of vehicles in Ethiopia.

Fitsum Deressa, General Manager of GreenTech Ethiopia, stated the main goal of the training is to provide young auto technicians with an inclusive education in order to close the gap that exists in the industry.

As an emerging sector not only in Ethiopia, but also globally, there is a shortage of qualified labor needed for after-sale support and maintenance of the cars, according to Kidem Tesfaye, CEO of Green Tech Africa.

“With the existing certified trainees and the upcoming ones integrated into the assembly line, Green Tech Africa is in the last stage of assembling EVs locally,” adds Kidem.

As an expected outcome of the training program, Green Tech Africa aims to train more than 300 experts annually with the latest batch graduating in a couple of months.

Green Tech Africa has unveiled its electric and solar-powered automobiles. The company sells electric vehicles, energy storage, and water purifiers. It has also introduced six models of imported rechargeable electric cars to the Ethiopian market, with a short-term plan of importing 5,000 vehicles.

The electric cars aim at saving Ethiopia’s hard currency spending on fuel and spare parts by one-third.

Green Tech Africa is the second company to officially enter the electric cars market in Ethiopia after Marathon Motors

Source: Capital

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