Berhan Bank, in partnership with Santim Pay, has launched its own digital payment system called Mobile Pass. The system has been identified as the first of its kind in Ethiopia.

During the ceremony held on June 8th, the Director of Berhan Bank, Abraham Alaro, affirmed that before implementing this system the bank was required to fulfill various prerequisites including security related ones and that it had successfully done so.

According to the director, the new payment systems comes as a device that connects to various kinds of Android smartphones and boasts one of the fastest processing systems within its niche.

The device allows users to pay for all kinds of bills including water, phone, broadband, and TV subscriptions, as well as many other forms of services. It also allows users to use their phones at ATM machines without having to use their ATM cards, facilitating the goal to transition to a cashless banking system.

The new technology is also expected to facilitated the fulfillment of Berhan Bank’s pledge to support the STEMpower and VISA partnership with the Ethiopian Jobs Creation Commission to equip more than 3,600 youth in three years with Entrepreneurial skills. The bank’s pledge includes supporting the youth by facilitating credit lines.

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