The Business Innovation Technology Systems College (BITS), Ethiopia’s 278th private higher education institution has started operations as of last month and is currently finalizing plans to begin enrolling graduate students. College officials are still hesitant about initiating the enrollment process for undergraduate students, however, due to the indefinite postponement of last year’s matriculation exams due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

BITS will provide four technology courses in its undergraduate and graduate programs. Undergraduate programs will focus on software engineering, information technology, and information systems while graduate courses will focus on information technology management and enterprise systems engineering.

Feasibility studies, construction, curriculum design, and managerial preparations took up the good part of the four years that it took the college to become operational.  Undergraduate programs are expected to accommodate up to 80 students while graduate and extension programs are expected to take in up to 280 students.

According to the President of BITS, Tesfaye Biru, the college was established in order to attempt to bridge the gap between the technology industry, business industry, and education.

He asserts that the country is lacking IT architect and information consultants with extensive expertise in both IT and business-related matters. These experts would be invaluable to the digital and economic development reforms that Ethiopia is currently engaged in.

BITS was awarded its current license by the Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency. The agency conducted assessments of teachers’ qualifications, facility management and safety, internet accessibility, curriculum design and even social alignment.

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