Concerns raised over Ethiopian United States investigators intentions to release separate reports on Boeing 737 MAX crash

The two year anniversary of the tragic accident that killed 157 people was commemorated this past…

Office of the Auditor General finds that Ethiopia has incurred losses in the billions from its railways

The Ethiopian Railway Corporation says it needs subsidies to maintain the railways but the Auditor General…

All-Ethiopian ‘M-Net’ style station launched on DSTV

Abol TV is going to be channel 146 on DSTV

BeNu Foods; the company taking action to tackle child malnutrition

Two out of five children in Ethiopia are SEVERELY malnourished.

Shropshire College; the British school helping schools in Ethiopia

Concord College had previously hosted a Pedal4Lalibela initiative that raised more than 3,500 GBP.

Abyssinia Bank and Awtar hold official international launch of Awtar Music streaming app

Songs can be bought for 0.50 USD and albums for 5 USD on the app. Rates…

Ethio Telecom’s IDI ranking and why it needs a revision

Ethiopia's telecom service is ranked 170th out of 176 countries.

Experts expect Ethiopia to experience issues related to the AfCFTA; say needs to revise trade policies

Many suggest that both the pace and nature of Ethiopia's current economic reforms are not lacking…

Addis Ababa, overpopulation, and climate technology

Addis Ababa's Environmental Protection and Green Development Commission is collaborating with C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group…

The International Monetary Fund says that Ethiopia’s reforms working; expects the economy to grow

Ethiopia's economy is currently extremely uncertain due to a host of factors including security concerns, natural…