In-Joy Burger’s famous Chicken Nuggets

After a six year legal battle between In-Joy Burger and US-based fast food chain In-N-Out Burger, the Federal High Court Ledeta Civil Bench has ruled against In-Joy Burger. Based on the ruling, the court has set a 150,000 ETB fine against the Ethiopian fast food chain.

In-N-Out Burger launched the lawsuit against In-Joy Burger in December of 2014 citing the Ethiopian’s chains use of In-N-Out’s branding as an infraction of trademark laws. It was after the lawsuit that In-Joy Burger adopted its current brand.

In-N-Out has been operating across the US since 1948.

Commenting on the ruling, In-Joy Burger’s lawyer Molalign Melese said that the verdict was unjust and was not related to the trademark issues raised. According to his statement the US chain did not file charges based on the trademark infraction that was ruled on.

He also confirmed that despite the relatively low nature of the fine, In-Joy Burger is going to seek a reversal in the appellate courts.

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