The Ethiopian government has recently undertaken several road projects worth 456 million USD as part of its efforts to become more connected with neighbors Eritrea, Kenya, Somalia, and Sudan. The Ethiopian Roads Authority has approved eight road projects in pursuit of this goal.

The total length of the roads that are going to be constructed through these projects is expected to be more than 730 kilometers connecting not only Ethiopia, but the other countries with each other as well. 

Endeselassie-Rama-Senay is going to connect Ethiopia with Eritrea, Durbete-Quizilla-Gallego-Metema will connect with Sudan, and Negeleborena-DolloAdo-Melkasuftu will connect with Kenya and Somalia. 

The cost for seven of the projects is going to be fully covered by the Ethiopian government while the remaining will be covered by grants and loans from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the African Development Bank, and the World Bank. Five of the projects are going to be constructed by local construction companies.

The Ethiopian Roads Authority has been one of the most active branches of the Ethiopian government in the past six months, finalizing more than 21 road construction projects worth more than 43.3 billion ETB. 

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