State Minister of Trade and Industry Ambassador Mesganu Arga Moach

The Ministry of Trade has announced the preparation of a new bill that eliminates city and town level chambers of commerce and eliminates sector-based associations. The new bill is meant to govern national and regional chambers.

Named the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Establishment Proclamation, the bill overturns a previous proclamation that created sector-based association. The previous bill also established sector-based associations and chambers of commerce as separate entities that formed the Chamber of Commerce including those in towns and cities.

One of the primary goals of the drafter bill is to make the private sector of the economy more fit and prepared to handle a larger role in the nation’s overall economy. This is seen as an extension of the government’s ongoing economic liberalization policy aims.

Another bill that is in the works also strengthens the role of the private sector in the administration process of the nation’s commerce and manufacturing sector.

The bill mandates that the composition of the Board of Ethiopian Chambers of Commerce and industry be 50 percent from regional and 40 percent from national chambers of industry, and 10 percent from national chambers of commerce. Of this composition, the bill also mandates that 10 percent of the representation be from the private sector and 40 percent from PLCs.

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