Ethiopian companies have been participating in an International Trade Exhibition being held in Khartoum. The exhibition began on January 23rd and will last for two weeks. Ethiopian companies are participating in the exhibition as part of the ‘RISING ETHIOPIA’ theme.

The theme is meant to indicate the road to development via reform and rigorous investment that Ethiopia has undertaken under the auspices of the economic and political policies of the current administration.

Ethiopian Embassy Head of Mission Mekonnen Gossaye attended the inauguration in the company of various Sudanese officials including the Foreign Minister, Finance Minister, and Trade and Industry Minister.

Ethiopian companies engaged in the textile, garment, leather, agro-processing, and construction material production are participating in the exhibition according to the Ethiopian Ministry of Trade and Industry. Parallel companies from other African countries are also in attendance. 

Participating in the exhibition is expected to give a much needed positive boost to Ethiopia’s struggling tourism sector.


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