GoodayOn’s freelance worker technical and soft skill enhancement service is a service that aims to revolutionise Ethiopia’s gig economy and create legitimacy that will benefit both works and customers.

The service aims to recruit and train more than 5,000 workers during the first phase. It is a collaboration with the MasterCard Foundation’s BRIDGES Programme; a five year initiative seeking to create employment opportunities in industrial parks.

GoodayOn is a digital marketing and advertising agency based in Addis Ababa.

The new platform helps connect freelancers with customers and provides short-term services to recruit trainees. The main areas of focus are housekeeping, culinary, maintenance, electronic appliance repairs, construction finishing, gypsum appliance, aluminium works, and painting.

In order to provide legitimacy, those who complete the training will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Those interested in registering for the training programmes can do so by using GoodayOn’s mobile application. The service currently has 2,500 registered service providers and 700 recruits for the training programme.


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