Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the pharmaceutical division of Johnson & Johnson, has announced that it has a strong interest in the Ethiopian market and is already in the process of registering four of its medical products. The company plans on working with local pharmaceutical companies to boost knowledge sharing and the use of pharmaceutical technology.

Mohson Ramze, the Managing Director of Janssen Pharmaceuticals, affirmed that company’s intentions after attending a detailed virtual presentation by Ethiopian Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg, and the European Union, Hirut Zemene. 

The presentation outlined the untapped potential that the Ethiopian pharmaceutical sector possesses. During the presentation policy, infrastructure, and market incentive related issues were also covered culminating in an invitation to Janssen Pharmaceuticals to set its sights on Ethiopia.

Herwig Janssen, the head of Janssen Business Development’s emerging markets activities, also attended the virtual presentation, agreed with the Ambassador that it is time for Janssen Pharmaceuticals to enter the Ethiopian market and contribute to the country’s development and reform in virtually all of its economic and social sectors.

Janssen Pharmaceuticals is regarded as one of the leading pharmaceutical firms in the world. Recently, the company has been integral in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, with the vaccine it’s developing ready to enter phase III after 90 percent of candidates from the age of 18-55 who were inoculated showing immune responses without any negative side effects.

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