Total Ethiopia has announced that it is finalising preparations to start using tech-based tools in its logistic operations in order to ensure added safety, both for resources and for personnel.

Total Ethiopia Health Safety Environment and Quality Manager Solomon Mekonnen affirms that technology based logistic operations, especially road transportation, are important to ensure road transportation safety and general safety.

According to Solomon, standardizing road quality, utilizing technology, and promoting public awareness should be the priority of the government and stakeholders alongside diversifying the transport sector’s competitiveness to fully meet the country’s economic potential that is currently being tapped into.

The government’s efforts to improve road safety were also commended by Solomon.

Total Ethiopia also plans to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2025 and realise its social responsibility goals in terms of environmental concerns.

According to Total Ethiopia’s brand ambassador, Haile Gebreselassie, the company is dedicated to providing more than goods and services to its customers safety. This statement was made during an award ceremony for the company’s best employees in all categories on World Safety Day, held on April 28th.

The company has been active outside of the petroleum sector over the past few months, its latest involvement being an agreement with Bruh Entertainments and Canal +. As per the agreement, Total Gas Stations are going to serve as sale hubs for Canal + Ethiopia subscriptions, a service that was launched in mid-April.

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