The World Economic Forum has released a report outlining the vast array of economic impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic has created along with projections for how various economic and business aspects of the world are going to shape up post-pandemic.

According to the report, job demand is going to grow by more than 97 million jobs but there are going to be more than 85 million jobs that are also going to be lost. The so-called ‘robot revolution’ is expected to create much of the growth that the tech, business, and healthcare world especially are going to experience.

Among the job types that are going to have the most losses are data entry clerks, administrative and executive secretaries, accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll clerks. Conversely data analysts, scientists, AI, machine learning, big data specialists, and others.

According to Klaus Schwabb, Executive Chairman of the Forum, and Saadia Zahidi, a member of the managing board, stress the role that decisions made during this period are going to have on how the post-pandemic economic environment is going to shape up. On the report, they comment that while the freefall that economies are experiencing due to the virus are disruptive, this disruption can be used to address global concerns related to economic practices and policies.

Efforts to address such concerns, however, are lagging behind the rate of disruption according to report. Given the rapid shift that the world is undergoing, however,  the report is also optimistic that new and bold steps are going to be taken to “ease workers into more sustainable job opportunities” by driving the acquisition of skills and other relevant qualities.

To read the full report visit this link.

IMF, World Economic Forum

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