Addis Ababa’s Environmental Protection and Green Development Commission has announced that the city is working in collaboration with the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group to install modern air quality testing and monitoring technology in the city. The collaboration was announced by Tibebu Assefa, an advisor to the commission.

The City of Addis Ababa currently has 8 air quality monitoring devices and the new device is going to add testing capabilities to the city’s climate related capabilities. The new device, aside from testing air quality, is also going to run diagnostics and ensure the smooth operation of the air quality monitoring devices.

Unique about the device is that its testing capabilities also mean that it can be used to make weather forecasts and allow precautionary measures to be taken, especially if its use is going to be extended to agricultural areas that have suffered from floods and similar natural disasters in the past.

Tibebu stressed, however, that the priority right now is to gauge the level of pollution in Addis Ababa, a city that is currently stretched over its limits by most measures. 

It seems the government is stepping up its efforts to address the overpopulation in the city as the Deputy Mayor of the city had also recently announced that her administration is taking steps to address the housing crisis. Whether or not these efforts will alleviate the various crises the city is facing remains to be seen, especially given the dire economic circumstances that are yet to be addressed.

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