The Center for Private Enterprise has announced the launch of a website dedicated to the organizations functions in Ethiopia. The CIPE Civil Engagement Hub is intended to supplement CIPE’s physical space in Addis Ababa.

In 2018, CIPE opened its regional office in Ethiopia to bolster the reforms that the country had rolled out during that period. The organization works closely with civic institutions in the country to address issues surrounding civic engagement and entrepreneurship along with leveraging Addis Ababa’s strategic location to coordinate with programs in other East African countries.

The new hub is designed to serve as an incubator, coworking space, and resource center. CIPE also intends the site to serve as a communal space for civil society groups, associations, and “social entrepreneurs” to come up with innovative and relevant approaches to address civic issues in Ethiopia and its neighbours.

Training seminars, updates on events, and other digital resources are going to be provided on the website as well with a focus on driving the growth and development of the reforms currently being implemented in the country.

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