Some of the high-tech vehicles distributed to drivers across the city as part of tourism boosting efforts

Hello Taxi, a sister company of ‘Hello Mekina’ has announced the launch of a new cooperative with Debub Global Bank to provide loans to those interested in purchasing from and driving for the company. 

The loans are expected to create many new owners of vehicles with less carbon emissions and improve the standard of living of the city, if not the country.

The program aims to provide upto 70 percent of the financing for new vehicles with the rest coming from the purchasers themselves. If the loan is not repaid within 7 years, ownership of the vehicles is going to revert to the company instead.

As part of its efforts to drive social change, Hello Taxi, in collaboration with Aklog General Trading, recently distributed modern, high-tech vehicles to 36 individuals across Addis Ababa’s taxi associations. The vehicles came equipped with inscription and translation devices to facilitate business with tourists.

Capital Ethiopia

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