EKOS Steel facility located in Dukem

South Korean steel manufacturing company EKOS Steel Mill PLC., has announced a partnership with Korea Hospital to provide medical services and supplies to the town of Dukem in the Oromia region. The company’s factory is located in the region which is what prompted to take a socially conscious outlook on account of the pandemic.

Korea Hospital has already played an integral role in the fight against the pandemic in Addis Ababa aside from providing quality medical services to the city for several years. It also partners with Addis Ababa University’s medical department and provides instruction to students.

The new partnership was launched on November 21st at the Dukem health center in the presence of specialized doctors and nurses and was provided to hundreds of patients. Aside from pandemic relief efforts the new partnership also offers regular medical services and served patients suffering from neurological cases during the launch.

Besides the medical efforts, EKOS Steel has also donated five manual multi-crop threshing machines to local farmers. The machines are going to be used for the shelling of teff, wheat, rice, sorghum, barley, and millet.

As stated during the handing over ceremony, the donations are meant to abate the chronic grain loss that plagues farmers in the region. Estimates regarding the amount lost during shelling range from 15 to 25 percent of the total grain volume.

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