In the next ten years, Ethiopia targets earning $7 billion revenue from the sale of animal goods. Despite having abundant animal resources, the Ethiopian Livestock Development Institute (ELDI) reports that the nation made $1 billion from exports of animal products over the previous decade.

Regarding livestock supplies, Ethiopia comes in sixth place globally. Claimed by recent studies, it can ship 200 thousand tons of meat annually. According to a November 2022 Fana News report, the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) had declared the start of the National Red Meat Strategy in the nation to increase products and output in the sector.

Additionally, the Ministry of Agriculture established a four-year plan to increase poultry and dairy output. In light of this, the Ministry plans to produce 10.3 billion gallons of milk over the next four years. To reach this goal, the Ethiopian government aims to increase the availability of veterinary services and inputs like animal feed. 

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