A Supersport poster advertising the new agreement with the Ethiopian Premier League

At a signing ceremony that was held on Saturday, December 5th, an agreement was finalized between MultiChoice Ethiopia and Supersport. The agreement awards Supersport exclusive rights to broadcast Ethiopian Premier League matches.

Multichoice Group, the South African company that owns Multichoice Ethiopia, has confirmed that broadcasts will reach the entirety of Sub-Saharan Africa and adjoining islands including Cape Verde, Mauritius, and Seychelles. Production for broadcasts is going to be a joint effort between Supersport and local staff.

The agreement also includes investment from Supersport and BetKing. Initial investments will be rolled out over the next five years and are expected to add to the profits of all 16 clubs as well as players. Supersport has also committed to investing in infrastructure to increase the quality of broadcasts and create jobs and skill-building initiatives.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Multichoice Ethiopia Managing Director Gelila Michael, emphasized the role that the agreement is going to play in bringing Ethiopian football to the international stage and giving players access to international markets and skill-building opportunities.

Similar sentiments were echoed by BetKing Managing Director Allan McInnes, who said that the partnership with the Ethiopian Premier League is going to allow the company to give back to the game of football by supporting its development in a country where passion for football is high.

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