Gebeya, an Ethiopian startup that specializes in Ed Tech and software online marketplaces, has launched Gebeya Talent, an app that aims to cultivate the untapped tech potential of African youth, especially as freelancers.

Since its establishment, Gebeya has grown rapidly, helping graduate over 400 candidates from its training programs. As of 2018, 140 graduate professionals are currently actively working in Gebeya’s marketplace and Gebeya supports three companies, two of which are founded or co-founded by women.

The app provides freelance workers with resources including quick and easy application forms, automatic matching, and a no-bidding process that addresses issues related to pay-skill alignment. 

“We strive to be the most-referenced freelance African talent company. Having fast, reliable, seamless digital tools at the heart of our marketplace is a must,” said Amadou Daffe, co-founder and CEO of Gebeya.

While it takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks to finalize the admission process for individuals seeking to join Gebeya’s extensive programs, the app is expected to cut that timeline down to 24 hours after receiving an application from a candidate. 

In September of 2020 Gebeya had received 500,000 USD from the International Finance Corporation as part of an advisory services agreement to implement the Digital-Gender Ethiopia Program. 250 female software developers were provided with professional and skills training and 20 female entrepreneurs were selected as recipients of strategic guidance and advisory services from the IFC and Gebeya as part of the project. 

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