Hello Tena, a call centre for medical information and consultancy, was launched today. 

The call centre is a collaboration with Tele Birr. According to officials from both organisations, customers have to use Tele Birr to make payments to access Hello Tena services.

Speaking at the event, Hello Tena Director Melon Bekele, affirmed that efforts like this are integral to the digital transformation that Ethiopia is currently undertaking.

Echoing these remarks, Ethio Telecom’s Mobile Money Department Head, Biruk Adhana, affirmed that his organisation is working diligently to ensure that all segments of Ethiopian society are included in the digitisation efforts of the country.

Customers can use Hello Tena by calling 8455. The call centre is expected to alleviate overcrowding in health centres, and address scheduling waiting times.

The call centre also provides information and consulting on animal and plant health and offers services in Amharic, Oromifa, and Somali.


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