Irene Ndikumwenayo and Ambassador Meles Alem

NISK Capital, an investment firm operating out of Washington D.C., has expressed its interest in venturing into the Ethiopian financial sector. The firm already operates in Kenya and several other African countries.

Irene Ndikumwenayo, the East Africa Bureau Head of the firm, expressed the NISK’s interest in the Ethiopian market after conferring with Meles Alem, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Kenya. 

Irene said that the meeting with the Ambassador was very productive as the Ambassador was able to outline the reforms that Ethiopia is undertaking and how NISK stands to benefit from them while driving the change as well.

NISK Capital is a boutique investment bank specializing in corporate finance. The firm is mostly engaged in financing middle to small size enterprises across East and Central Africa. Irene affirms that the Ethiopian market is one of the most fertile for the firm’s services and that processes for entry into the market are going to be explored.

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