Traditionally, Teff has been a crop primarily conceived of as a mealtime staple. With Tefftastic, however, the possibilities are endless. Recently, the company introduced plans for Tefftastic Puff Snacks. The Puff Snacks follow the model of traditional cheese puffs but with a twist; instead of flour, the snack is made from 100 percent stone-ground black Teff.

Visionary CEO of Tefftastic, Bethlehem Tilahun, says that the mission at the company is simple; delivering the enjoyment of traditional snacks and a little bit more. She cites the health benefits of teff as the main reason she chose to incorporate it into snacks given the specific health issues that the modern world faces such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and many others.

The company sees no reason for people not to enjoy their favorite snacks without worrying about consequences to their health. Indeed, the Puff Snacks seem to emulate this vision. They are packed with 8 grams of plant protein, 9 grams of probiotic fiber, all essential amino acids, and an extensive vitamin and mineral profile per bag. Not to mention they are free of any artificial additives and gluten free.

Available in flavors like Ethiopian Devil Pepper and Ethiopian Jalapeno and Coriander, Tefftastic snacks are set to be essentials for your next movie night or light snack event.

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