BeNu foods is an Ethiopian startup that aims to tackle child malnutrition across the country. In order to do this the company has developed nutritious high-protein biscuits; two out of five children in Ethiopia severely lack access to sufficient protein sources and the country loses more than 17% of its GDP’s worth annually due to malnutrition.

One of the strategies that BeNu has adopted is the unification of different stakeholders in the food sector and donors like Reach for Change Ethiopia. Founders Amen Temesgen and Betelhem Lakew faced challenges in the beginning (and still do) after their initial investment but they say they were lucky to meet many that backed their cause.

The brand boasts that it can satisfy the daily needs of children with just two of their products; a hardsell to be sure, but one that seems to have merit given the legitimacy that the brand is getting. Amen says we don’t have to take their word for it, however; apparently an independent laboratory has analysed the products and affirmed this claim. 

Should financing issues be sufficiently covered, the partners aim to establish a research and development wing and a distribution chain. This would help further the brand’s position of sourcing all its raw materials locally to engage with farmers as well as children. 

How We Made it in Africa

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