BGI Ethiopia, a subsidiary of France-based Castel Group, has recently received keg tracking and tracing technology from Croatia-based Montelektro (a system integration provider) and 8Sigma (a manufacturing execution system provider). The technology that BGI received from Montelektro and 8Sigma is called the KegTNT.

KegTNT is a software solution that tracks kegs both while in the breweries and during the rest of the supply chain allowing breweries to reduce costs related to keg ownership, reduce keg losses, improve quality control, and ensure better supply chain logistics. 

The software also includes a tablet application equipped with an RFID reader for tracking operations inside the brewery and a smartphone application for the sales agents. Maintenance, laboratory, and warehouse staff can use the tablets to manage everyday tasks related to the keg fleet. 

All information is available in real-time, so staff can react immediately and identify potential problems even before they happen.

8Sigma and Montelektro are also currently developing an MES solution for the brewing industry, named BeerVision. BeerVision is intended to serve as a scheduling, tracking, and managing system of all production activities inside a brewery, from raw materials to the finished product.

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