The United States Embassy has launched a 25-week long journalism training program aimed at increasing the professionality of the journalism industry in Ethiopia. The program also specifically aims to boost journalistic integrity and professionalism ahead of Ethiopia’s upcoming national election.

Dubbed a ‘media capacity project’ that program is going to train from 500 to 700 journalists in the country and has an investment capital of 17 million ETB.

In a press release, the embassy stated that the program seeks to empower journalists regarding their roles in national conversations, some of which include raising voter awareness on issues, following election processes thoroughly, and contributing to a transparent and accountable election process.

Amanda Jacobsen, Public Affairs Officer at the embassy, noted that in this age of widespread information (and misinformation) the role of journalism has become integral in maintaining the credibility of elections and other administrative functions. Moreover, she stressed the need for dedication among journalists to drive platforms that offer diverse viewpoints.

Over the course of the 25 weeks, training is going to be delivered by other experienced journalists picked from the country’s top journalism schools and American media specialists, who are going to give courses on investigative journalism starting from March. 

The training program is a collaborative effort between the Johns Hopkins Center for Communications, the US Embassy, and the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia. 

Addis Standard, New Business Ethiopia

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