Ethio Telecom is partnering with Ericsson Technology group to expand its 4G services into the South West region of Ethiopia during 2021. The partnership is also going to facilitate the foundation of 5G capable network infrastructure and resources across the country.

Ethio Telecom will use Ericsson Radio System products and solutions for this deployment with the core expansion taking place in Ethio telecom’s regional data centers and the data centers in Addis Ababa.

Through this partnership, Ethio telecom aims to modernise its network by transitioning from the current Operations Support Systems (OSS) to the more advanced and high-capacity Ericsson Network Manager (ENM).

Ethio telecom will also introduce Ericsson Cloud Packet Core and Ericsson NFVI (Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure) as part of its modernisation efforts.

The expansion project confirms Ethio telecom’s commitment to modernize its network and bring enhanced data services to its customers.

Ethio Telecom expansion of 4G comes at a time when the demand for 4G is growing exponentially. According to the latest Ericsson’s Mobility Report, 4G subscriptions increased by approximately 100 million worldwide during the first quarter of 2021.

Ericsson and Ethio Telecom launched their partnership in 1894. Now, both parties have collaborated to launch, according to them, one of the most advanced 5G capable networks.

Todd Ashton, Vice President and Head of Ericsson South and East Africa, says that Ericsson remains committed to supporting Ethio Telecom’s development in this fast-growing, global telecom environment through its technological and leadership capabilities.


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