The Canadian Government has pledged more than 9 million CAD to the Ethiopian office of the World Health Organization as a fund to assist the country to boost its primary healthcare services in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the country’s general deficiencies in that regard.

Besides fortifying Ethiopia’s COVID related resources, the fund is expected to be used to address healthcare issues related to women and children that the country has seen progress in during the past decade, but still needs to work on, especially regarding accessibility and quality.

Dr. Boureima Hama Sambo, the WHO representative for Ethiopia, affirmed that efforts being made to address Ethiopia’s primary healthcare services are going to allow health authorities to not only deal with current health issues, but also make them better prepared for any crises that may emerge in the future.  

The benefits of the grant are expected to benefit approximately 6.5 million Ethiopians that are in need of immediate assistance. 

Stephen Weaver, acting Minister-Counsellor and Senior Director of Development for the Embassy of Canada to Ethiopia says that the role of the grant in addressing issues related to personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline workers should not be taken lightly given Ethiopia’s continuing struggles with PPE provision and other essential services related to the pandemic. 

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