Medics.Academy, a British healthcare technology startup company, has agreed to invest in Ethiopia’s healthcare sector. The company is going to invest 250 thousand GBP for the construction of a new learning community in Ethiopia aimed at supporting women in the healthcare industry.

The company finalized the agreement with the Ethiopian Medical Women’s Association (EMWA). The learning community is going to provide digital access to training resources and support 70 percent of female physicians over the next five years.

Ethiopia faces major healthcare challenges as outlined at a health seminar last week hosted by the Association for Women in Boldness (AWib). Similar to what was said at the seminar, Medics.Academy affirms that Ethiopia’s healthcare sector needs intensive work surrounding issues like maternal mortality, infant mortality, and other healthcare related problems unique to maternal and pediatric health.

These problems are further exacerbated by shortage of healthcare workers especially in proportion to the population. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Ethiopia is among the top 57 countries with a persistent shortage in healthcare workers. 

The agreement is expected to not only address some of the disparities that women in healthcare face, but to also contribute to Ethiopia’s digital transformation needs  by facilitating the access to and use of digital resources. 

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