Guzo Technologies has received a grant from Epic Games to fund the Ethiopia XploreR Project. The amount that the gaming giant is going to provide in financing remains to be determined but experts estimate that it is within the 50,000 USD range. 

Guzo Technologies was founded in 2019 by Daniel Getachew and develops Internet of Things (IoT), extended reality (XR), prototyping, and enterprise software. 

The company is famous for Guzo Maps, a virtual program that gives users a virtual, interactive tour of Ethiopia’s historical sites and landmarks. Bakaffa Palace in Gondar is one of the most visited virtual locations.

XploreR is designed to add to Guzo Maps’ portfolio with the first version expected to cover at least 4 locations across the country. Virtual tours are going to be accompanied by narrations highlighting the unique historical, cultural, and other relevant facts about the locations.

The project is expected to launch within a 5 month time frame owing to the injection of capital from Epic Games. The grant is part of the company’s Epic MetaGrants Program, a 100 million USD initiative to support all entities involved in enhancing the 3D graphics industry.

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