Yodit Stanton speaking at the Thingmonk in 2017

Yodit Stanton, the founder and CEO of OpenSensors, has secured 4 million USD in funding from Crane Venture Partners and other unnamed investors. The fund is meant to finance the development of OpenSensors’ air-monitoring technology in order to aid in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The air-monitoring technology uses highly sensitive sensors that monitor air quality and light intensity. Investors are more interested, however, in the data platform that the tech uses. One investor even described it as a “special sauce”.

OpenSensors uses artificial intelligence technology to track workplace and workforce patterns and has been identified as taking a more holistic approach compared to competitors like Condecco and Workplace Fabric. One of the main aspects that the technology monitors is air humidity.

Experts estimate that air humidity levels have to be around 40% or above in an indoor environment due to lower levels encouraging virus transmission. Yodit also affirms that low humidity is also detrimental for general immunity.

Crane Ventures partner Scott Sage commented that with the data insights, real world usage experience, and reputation among customers that OpenSensors brings the company is a viable long-term partner. He said that this is especially true for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic and the permanent changes it introduces.

OpenSensors currently has more than 30 customers, primarily in real estate, across North America, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the rest of Europe.

Yodit, who also runs the Women in Data event in the United Kingdom, reminisces about how her daughter’s struggle with asthma was the origin of her now all-important brain child.

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