Redfox Solutions Group is the newest foreign company to be added to the list of companies that have secured contracts to build and implement a data centre in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa. Redfox’s data centre is going to be the first privately-held data centre, marking a significant development in Ethiopia’s privatisation goals.

RedFox Solutions Group’s Chief Technology Advisor, Dagmawe Theodros explained that this investment affirms the company’s commitment to Ethiopia. Redfox is an ICT solutions provider founded by Ethiopian diaspora ICT professionals. 

Speaking at the inauguration on March 16th, Finance State Minister Eyob Tekalign, affirmed Ethiopia’s dedication to transforming it’s economy along the lines of the digital revolution.

“They say data is the new oil but I see it as the blood that runs through the veins of a thriving digital economy. In this respect, it is my belief that Redfox data centre will significantly contribute to building Ethiopia’s digital economy, lifting up the ecosystem, and overall accelerating the digital transformation of the country,” he told the assembly.

Eyob also urged market forces to start their preparations for a more integrated digital economic landscape with a special emphasis on cloud technology. 

In addition to its core site, RedFox offers off-premise, secure, certified designs and architectural resources for institutions that meet the requirements for in-house deployment. RedFox will also provide certified and certifiable data centre designs to keep up with the quick and ever-changing trends in the industry.

The data centre is slated to begin operations as early as September of this year.  

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