Save Tigray is using interpretative photos of the war in Tigray to create NFTs that will in turn be donated to the World Food Programme, the International Rescue Committee, UNICEF, and Save the Children.

According to the organisation, it had planned to use art from women in Tigray to create NFTs since last year, but the start of the war compromised that plan. Instead, now the organisation is modifying its plan to send aid to Tigray. 

This is the first time that NFTs, which quite recently have dominated the public along with crypto currencies, are going to be used for charity. The group plans to use the aid to Tigray as a model to later adopt for the other political issues it is involved in. 

One of the advantages of using NFTs for charity is the fact that NFTs earn royalties each time they are sold so buyers can keep selling them to generate more money. 

The main focus of the donations is going to be in addressing the famine that UNICEF and similar groups report has gripped Tigray.

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