Zemen Bank has announced the conclusion of competitions for the rights to tender the development of the bank’s mobile banking services with CR2 declared the winner. CR2 is a company based out of Ireland that is considered one of the top financial technology firms currently operating in Ethiopia.

Zemen Bank selected CR2 for its proven expertise in delivering “robust and scalable” mobile banking platforms that are user friendly and adaptive.

Given Zemen Bank’s already extensive online banking platform, Bank World, the addition of mobile banking to the bank’s services is expected to drive the banks development and role in the Ethiopian economy.

Bank World is already credited with providing swift onboarding, payment suites, and both customer and business focused design and features. Zemen Bank’s experience with CR2 in developing ATM, POS, and internet banking services is expected to lead to swift results in the prospective mobile banking services.

With the addition of features like peer to peer payments that complete in seconds, personal financial management capabilities, and business banking and card control, Zemen Bank President Dereje Zebene expects to increase customer acquisition and accelerate adoption rates.

CR2 also hosts Amole, Dashen Bank’s online wallet platform, which was launched in 2018, and boasts partnerships with more than 100 banks across 60 nations.

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